For the shooter, electronic target systems provide instant and accurate feedback on scores. No more target patching or tedious walks back and forth to the pit. All your valuable time on the range can be used solely for practice and becoming a better shooter. 

For the range, electronic scoring has proved to increase recruitment, as results are instantly displayed to shooters. Results can be shown online and live to spectators to increase range activities and income opportunities.

Another advantage is that safety is dramatically improved, as there will never be people in front of the firing line during a shooting session.

With electronic target systems you don’t need to wait for feedback on your scores, patch targets or walk to the pits. All your valuable time on the range can be used solely for shooting and getting better. Electronic scoring has proved to get you faster results, and increase recruitment to your range. The results can be shown live to spectators to increase engagement around this great sport.

When shooting on electronic targets, you get more out of each round and each hour on the range. Instant feedback is important!

On top of that you improve faster. Our customers have reported up to 4 times higher efficiency on the range.

No more pit duty. Less staff and less time spent equals less costs. And with the instant results on the monitors, you can move more shooters through the line daily. 

No need for personnel downrange – with no need for a pit crew you also reduce the risk of injuries for your staff and shooters. 

As opposed to open systems/LOMAH.
No adjustments needed. Just aim and shoot!

Automatically handles both super- and subsonic ammunition. 

With our groundbreaking software solutions it is now possible for the audience to follow the shooter live – both at the event and from the comfort of your home. 

Due to our system architecture and wireless solutions it is extremely easy to establish a range.  

Ranges with electronic targets are more popular than traditional ranges. With no pit duty on top of all the other advantages, electronic target ranges are much more desirable, also for the younger generation. According to several or our customers our targets have ensured the survival of their clubs as the youth appreciates new technology. 

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250 targets installed  at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. Tested and approved by the Unites States Army Marksmanship Unit and the Unites States Marine Core Shooting team. 

eScore monitor sport

How does it work?

The simplicity of using our system is quite impressive. You just use your normal rifle/pistol and ammunition. The bullet is detected by the electronic target, either optically or acoustically. The hit point and score is calculated and transmitted to the corresponding monitor at the firing line where the result is shown instantly.

You can control the entire range with a computer and our software. Scores are available to be displayed live on big screen TV’s and on the internet effortlessly.

How to convert to a electronic target system

Converting an indoor range

Our indoor target systems come fully equipped with everything needed to install the targets. The only requirement is a mains power outlet at the target line and one at the firing line.

The installation differs slightly depending on if you will be using a target lift for 3-position shooting or if the target is to be fixed in one position.

Installation with target lift:
Bolt the target pole base plate to the floor. Alternatively use a movable support plate if the target/lift needs to be movable.

Installation with wall mount:
The target pellet catcher works as a wall bracket. Simply mount the bracket on the wall in the desired height.

The rest of the equipment does not require fixed installation and can be removed after shooting or left out permanently depending on the range design.
All cables and connections are “quick connect” and it is extraordinarily easy to set up.  

Converting an outdoor range

The targets are designed to fit most relevant target carriers but can be mounted in many ways.
Simply replace the old targets with the electronic targets and remember to keep the bottom part of the target protected.
The targets are serially interconnected, plug them into the power supply and you are good to go.
For the remaining parts of the system we can offer wireless or cabled solutions. 

Installation guide indoor range

Designed for minimal maintenance and cost-effective operation

Our electronic target systems are developed to optimize the shooters time at the range. 
Spend 200% more time on the range actually shooting.

Due to instant scoring of the shots there will be no waiting to view and record scores. For a club this means bigger competitions can be organized in less time, and with less staff!
The capacity of your range will increase significantly, which in turn will make it possible to increase attendance of
shooters and audience.