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Ever since 1994 Kongsberg Target Systems has been dedicated to make robust, accurate and easy to use electronic targets for a better shooting experience. Our dedication has brought us to be, probably, the only supplier in the world offering target systems for almost all ranges, going from less than 10m to more than 1200m. We deliver targets for back yard training and we supply targets to the biggest and most complex shooting competitions in the world. Electronic targets are our passion.
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Our history

With 26 years of experience developing and perfecting electronic targets, we have quite a lot of history behind us. 

The first electronic target was developed and built by the four founders of the company for their graduation project at Kongsberg Vocational School.

The company, at that time called Kongsberg Mikroelektronikk, was established while the four founders were still finishing their education within the engineering field (22 years old) and arose from their passion of shooting and technology.This newly developed technology revolutionized the Scandinavian market and target prizes were cut to one third – no wonder our electronic target systems became popular. Shortly after, Norma (shooting gear supplier – www.norma.as) saw the potential, initiated contact and became part owner. For several years Norma were responsible for selling and marketing our electronic targets, in addition to their own shooting and hunting related products.

What started as small student project became a commercial success, spread to several countries around the world.

The 300m European Cup shooting event was the first international competition organized on KTS electronic targets. The event took place in the heart of Gothenburg.

In year 2000 we won a contract with the Norwegian Defense Logistics organization, (see our customer statements for a recommendation from them) and the following year 75 gallery targets, large spectator screens, control room software, TV graphics, container solutions and logistic support were delivered to the prestigious Norwegian Championship. This championship is probably one of the biggest shooting competitions in the world including up to 6.000 participants every year, lasting for 9 days. The championship is held at different locations every year, thus the target system is installed, dismantled and wrapped up by KTS until the process starts over next year (since 2001) –proving the excellent quality and robustness of our targets.

The Danish Shooting Federation, DDS, chose Kongsberg Target Systems for its ranges at Vingsted National Shooting Centre. A total of 170 targets targets installed at 25/50m Pistol ranges, 50m rifle ranges, 200m rifle ranges and 300m rifle ranges.

In 2012 we had delivered more than 10,000 electronic targets. Due to an increasing customer base internationally, the company name was changed to Kongsberg Target Systems.

Civilian Marksmanship Program (The CMP) fits their Talladega Marksmanship Park (AL-USA) with 257 electronic targets at 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 600yds. Following years 260 indoor 10m targets and 150 long range targets are purchased by the CMP for their own use, along with other targets supplied to shooting clubs. The knowledge of and good reputation of KTS targets start to spread throughout the US.

In 2015 an additional 142 targets were delivered to the Norwegian Defense Logistics organization to be used for terrain- and rapid-fire events at the Norwegian national championship. Approximately 500.000 rounds are annually fired at the total of 217 KTS targets in use at this 9-day championship. KTS is still responsible for all logistic support to this day.


KTS installed 55 targets at the national shooting range at Chateauroux in France.

We wanted to make our website and product range more transparent and manageable for our visitors and customers, so we completely redesigned our website and made it much easier to get to know our products, price range, contact persons, FAQ’s and everything else that will make it easier for our customers to navigate around the site and find information and help.

This is also the year where we made the decision to focus on the US Market where we already have been very successful with the delivery to several large ranges. 
We managed to find a great distributor called MR TARGET which means that our customers can now buy our targets directly from them, get support and installation state side and still get the same high quality products and service as before. 

Specializing in the art and science of developing modern, efficient and easy to use target systems world wide

It is no secret that modern technology is advancing with rapid speed and everyone who wants to be part of the future need to keep up with the latest updates.
Shooting ranges are no exception. People expect efficiency, high quality, immaculate precision and a good, fun and easy experience when going to the range.

That’s why we are devoted to developing and supplying modern electronic targets for the future shooting ranges – to ensure that the next generation will pick up the interest of sports shooting and hunting and to prepare military and police for their daily challenges.
It goes without saying, that electronic targets provide the shooters with more experience as results are shown immediately and as pit duty is a thing of the past the shooters can spend more time on what is actually important – practicing their shooting techniques.
Below are listed some of the many advantages of an electronic target system from Kongsberg. 

Meet the Kongsberg target systems team

Our team draws on broad industry and technical expertise along with decades of experience with the development of hardware and software to create the best, most accurate and complete electronic target systems for our customers.