Our very first customers were shooting ranges for hunters, and over the years we have developed a large variety of target solutions like deer and wild boar. We know how important it is for the hunters to have a user friendly and reliable system at the shooting range.

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Product capabilities

In short, we offer a unique flexibility in range design and user versatility, covering the needs of a modern hunting shooting range solution.

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eScore emonitor hunting

Elverum Shooting Club

We are met with a high degree of willingness and a desire to solve any situation that might arise

Our shooting range has been operating with electronic targets from Kongsberg Target Systems for a good 20 years now and we have nothing but positive things to say about them.
The targets are inherently durable and easy to maintain.
The last couple of years we have invested quite a lot in our range, by buying new equipment; targets, monitors, servers and software. The newest updated products from Kongsberg Target Systems are incredibly well developed and it has never been easier and quicker to set up training sessions and complex shooting competitions with live view in an easy and intuitive way.

For those years where we have not been the planners of the “Landsskytterstevnet” (Norwegian national shooting competition – probably the biggest in the world) we have had many open competitions and large-scale championships. Strictly speaking we have organized every kind of championship on Kongsberg electronic targets and we have never been met with any limitations or challenges on any of their products.
Quite on the contrary we have received very positive feedback on how quickly we can move shooters through the lines and the detailed scoreboards that are continuously and automatically updated, and we definitely have Kongsberg Target Systems to thank for that.

Every once in a while we need support form Kongsberg Target Systems for different reason that could be related to question about the maintenance of the targets or monitors or questions only relating to us specifically and the support team at Kongsberg Target Systems are always very service minded and nothing is considered a “problem”. We are met with a high degree of willingness and a desire to solve any situation that might arise. Whether we call in the daytime or late in the evening. This is something that we greatly value.

Morten Undseth – range manager
Elverum Skytterlag

"The targets are inherently durable and easy to maintain"

Elverum Shooting Club