KTS supports promoting marksmanship to the youth by offering special discounts

We have already installed our Kongsberg Target OpticScore systems at several JROTC’s and other shooting clubs focusing on young shooters.
Currently we are introducing an extra discount on OpticScore systems for all JROTCs and all other clubs in the US that offer shooting practice for the youth as we wish to support the mission of training kids to have respect, be safe and have fun around firearms. 
Below is a list of some of the shooting ranges that already have our targets installed:

Southwestern High School JROTC 

Genessee Career Institute JROTC

Stewart County High School JROTC

Sgt. Eugene Ashley High School JROTC

Chandler Park High School JROTC

Zion Benton High School JROTC

Lumpkin County High School JROTC 

McDowell High School JROTC 

Snohomish High School JROTC

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School JROTC

La Cueva High School JROTC

Cairo High School JROTC

and more to come. 

Please contact our US distributor MR TARGET here to get more information and a special offer for the electronic target systems.