Are you planning on a conversion from paper to electronic targets or looking at building a completely new range?
Deciding on the ideal solution for your electronic target system can seem challenging at first but let us help you to make it easy!
We have over 25 years of experience designing and installing electronic target systems and have assisted numerous customers with the perfect solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.
Our different targets can easily handle calibers from 4.5mm air pellets to Cal .50 BMG, and some targets are better suited for certain uses. We are here to help find the right system for you!
Consult one of our experienced team members on video chat to discover the numerous advantages and opportunities by installing electronic targets on your new range. If you are converting from paper targets, you will quickly discover the many great benefits for your range undoubtfully attracting more shooters.
Our customers save both time and money by securing the right layout of the planning phase from start to finish.
Contact us on the link below to schedule a non-binding consultation with our dedicated team via video conference.
Take the first step towards a shooting range that will be a faster, safer and more exciting first choice by the shooters.
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Let our expertise assist you fitting electronic targets at your range.

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The Civilian Marksmanship Program - The CMP

“These projects required a significant amount of expertise and cooperation”

The installations were complex, but the experts at KTS provided solutions that included 162 targets distributed equally over its 200, 300 and 600 yard ranges on 54 firing points at the CMP’s highpower rifle range
Rod Coddington
Napp Shooting Club

“Switching from paper targets to Kongsberg electronic targets is the best decision our club has made”

During these days of COVID pandemic it has also been very useful to be able to broadcast the shooters results live to the internet, mobile phones, tablets and computers with the software provided by Kongsberg Target Systems.
Rod Coddington
Southwestern High School JROTC

“Our scores have improved dramatically”

We are no longer just competing locally with other teams, we look forward to the bigger regional and national competitions.
Rod Coddington
Elverum Shooting Club

“The targets are inherently durable and easy to maintain”

We are met with a high degree of willingness and a desire to solve any situation that might arise
Rod Coddington