Tomorrows target systems

– When quality, precision and reliability are key.

Our goal has always been to not only deliver the very highest quality electronic target systems, but also for shooters to have an easier, more fun and more efficient experience at competitions and training.

Kongsberg Target Systems

Kongsberg Target Systems was founded in 1994 by passionate Norwegian shooters and engineers, seeking to revolutionize the shooting sport technology both within training and competition. 

And we succeeded. Three decades and more than 15.000 targets later, our main focus is still to continue to develop our products for personal and professional shooters to remain one of the best providers of electronic targets in the world.

Throughout the years we have refined some of our products to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them suitable for use also by the military, police and security agencies and we have built strong business relationships with distributors and partners worldwide.

With an electronic target system from Kongsberg Target System you will be provided with scoring for the future

Kongsberg Target Systems have delivered our OpticScore electronic targets to numerous JROTC’s around high schools in the US. The reports we get back are that these targets attract more students, dramatically improve their scores, enables them to make “in progress” adjustments, enables the parents to watch their kids online in real time from their homes – which is especially important with todays many restrictions – and preparing them for not only competing locally, but also looking forward to the bigger regional and national competitions. With electronic targets from Kongsberg Target Systems you avoid messy paper targets and scoring by hand or running targets through a scanner. It’s all instant feedback!! Read more about the special discount on the link below. You can also visit our product bundle page or contact our US distributor MR TARGET to get a tailor made target system that fits your requirements perfectly!
Girl shooting at kongbserg target systems JROTC
The Civilian Marksmanship Program - The CMP

“These projects required a significant amount of expertise and cooperation”

The installations were complex, but the experts at KTS provided solutions that included 162 targets distributed equally over its 200, 300 and 600 yard ranges on 54 firing points at the CMP’s highpower rifle range
Rod Coddington
Napp Shooting Club

“Switching from paper targets to Kongsberg electronic targets is the best decision our club has made”

During these days of COVID pandemic it has also been very useful to be able to broadcast the shooters results live to the internet, mobile phones, tablets and computers with the software provided by Kongsberg Target Systems.
Rod Coddington
Southwestern High School JROTC

“Our scores have improved dramatically”

We are no longer just competing locally with other teams, we look forward to the bigger regional and national competitions.
Rod Coddington
Elverum Shooting Club

“The targets are inherently durable and easy to maintain”

We are met with a high degree of willingness and a desire to solve any situation that might arise
Rod Coddington