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3-lane 10m OpticScore electronic target system

This starter kit is the perfect fit for any indoor shooting range aiming to drastically improve their members’ shooting capabilities and save massive amounts of time with a minimum of maintenance and maximized operational safety and reliability. The kit includes everything needed to set up a system of 3 targets, including all cables and power supplies. This package has been prepared for air rifle and air pistol and each target is delivered with an integrated pellet catcher. We have been in business since 1994 and are among the leading suppliers of electronic scoring targets with many satisfied customers around the world using our targets, including JROTC’s in the United States.
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Indoor optical electronic target with bullet catcher and monitor

Package specifications

Optical electronic target with baking and templates

Three electronic scoring target (OpticScore) including:

  • ISSF 10m Air Rifle templates (100 pcs)
  • ISSF 10m Air Gun target templates (100 pcs)
  • Backers (50 pcs)
  • Integrated illumination of target
  • Wall mount
  • Integrated pellet catcher
Indoor monitor for optical targets

Three NSM monitors

  • 10.4’’ display
  • Collapsible tabletop stand
  • Fitted with smart-card reader
  • Fitted with movable floor stand. Wall- or table-top stands can be supplied on request.
Electronic target server

Signal Distribution Unit (SDU-3) for firing line.

  • Interconnection unit for targets, monitors and control room computer.
Target power for indoor ranges

Mains power supplies at target line and firing line

  • 90-240VAC input voltage
  • 24VDC/240VA output
roll of cable

Cables between firing line and target line.

  • Monitor cables
  • Target cables
  • Connection cable target line / firing line

Add-ons and options

Our systems can be tailor made to fit any requirements. If you have specific needs that are not included in our package bundles, please contact us for a quote made especially for your range. 

  • The targets use an optic sensor system with excellent accuracy and stability that require very little maintenance and consumables.
  • The targets are delivered with integrated and adjustable illumination of target.
  • The targets are delivered with integrated pellet catcher made of steel, designed particularly easy to empty.
  • Power consumption firing line: max. 250W
  • Power consumption target line: max. 250W
  • Cables supplied with this package limit the distance between each individual target to 2 meters/yards. Longer cables can be provided at a small additional cost.
  • Cables supplied with this package limit the distance between each individual monitor to 2 meters/yards. Longer cables can be provided at a small additional cost.
  • The monitor is delivered with a collapsible tabletop stand that will protect the screen during handling, transport or storage.
  • This package does not include control room software or spectator viewing.
  • This package does not include computer(s) or screens to run control room software, spectator viewing or local network (LAN) to interconnect potential computers.
  • Contact our sales team or fill out the form at the bottom for a quote specifically tailor made for your requirements
  • Shipping is not included. To get an estimate, contact our sales department
  1. You will need a shooting range that has:
    • A permanent or temporary wall to attach the targets.
    • Mains power outlet maximum 5 meters from first target in line and 5 meters/yards from first monitor in line.
  2. You can easily install the system yourself.
    System setup is very intuitive and effortless. Comprehensible manuals combined with the straightforward system makes this an uncomplicated job.

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