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Acoustic targets

Acoustic detection is the most used detection method on the market – where the supersonic boom or the impact of subsonic projectiles are detected by acoustic sensors (“microphones”) at the target. However, all targets from Kongsberg Target Systems are functioning as a “closed chamber system”, where the acoustic sensors basically are put inside a chamber shielded from the environment. This leads to the following advantages:
  • The sensors are not affected by the weather. Rain, snow, dirt etc. will not reach the sensors, and cannot alter the sensors performance.
  • The air inside the chamber is not moving, ensuring optimal accuracy. With an open system, the accuracy of the target will suffer in wind.
  • The sensors inside target will only detect projectiles passing through that specific target. With an open system, any sensor within a certain distance will detect any shot, also from neighbor lanes. This will lead to “missing” shots and potential inaccurate scoring – especially on rapid fire stages.


Closed chamber acoustic targets are still the best and most reliable way to make high power electronic targets. They are a bit more expensive than open systems, but those should not be considered if reliability is of concern.

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