Hans Kristian Wear - 5 x military world champion

“Invaluable for my success”

KTS has provided me and our shooting club with superior products and excellent service.

“I had the fortune of getting acquainted with KTS electronic targets when I was just a kid.
Our shooting club was one of the first KTS customers more than 25 years ago.  At the time, their groundbreaking technology was not known widely amongst shooters but today it is an essential part of almost all of the approximately 1,000 shooting clubs in Norway, welcoming shooters from 12 years of age and those having passed 80 years.

The electronic targets have given me a more easily accessible and advanced way to train efficiently to achieve my goals. To stay at my level of shooting requires an excessive amount of training and time. Being able to practice whenever I have time, and not being tied up by opening hours depending on other people at the range, is another winning factor for me.
In order to also have time for my family I have invested in a couple of targets at my own farm as well, even though I have full access 24/7 to my local shooting range with 50 KTS targets at different ranges (10m, 15m, 25m, 100m and 200m). It is worth mentioning that many of the 50 targets were purchased over 20 years ago, are still fully functioning and working perfectly.

KTS has provided my shooting club and I with superior products and excellent customer service and I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in quality targets, better results and less time spent with setup and maintenance.

Hans Kristian Wear
Gun smith
8 times Military World Champion
4 times Military World Games Champion
16 times Military Nordic Champion
2 times European Champion
6 times Nordic Champion

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